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João Velozo


Based in Pernambuco, Brazil, João Velozo is a freelance photographer specialized in covering urban violence, human rights, and environmental issues, most specifically those taking place in the Brazilian Northeast. Once a Biology major, he quit the academic area in order to focus on photography, through which he felt he could promote bigger changes and social justice. His work as a photographer reflects his continuous dedication to humanitarian and environmental causes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, João reverted the profit made from the sale of his photos to food donations for poor families in his town - an act that aligns with his lifelong personal and professional beliefs.

Listed as one of the main photographers of his generation by the 2016 TV show Caçadores de Alma (Soulseekers), João has previously worked for Deutsche Welle, NPR, VICE, Folha de São Paulo, Zero Hora, Diário de Pernambuco, and Doctors Without Borders. He was also one of the recipients of the Yunghi Grant 2018 Award for his work on the population struggling with the lack of access to water in the Brazilian Northeast. In 2020, his book "São Francisco", a visual narrative about the drought in the Brazilian semiarid region, won the Troféu HQMIX festival, the most important Award for comics in Latin America. Since 2019, he also collaborates with Contact Press Images as a contributor.

João sees journalism as a way to connect those who cannot speak to those who want to hear.

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