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The Herpetology Guide for children

I met Sergio in 2012, we were both biology students at the Federal University of Pernambuco, he is one of those people who believe that education and science can change the world and a hell of a nice guy. So when he contacted me at 3 AM on a Monday, a little bit drunk, asking me to be the photographer in his next expedition I immediately accepted. About two weeks after that day we were on a car heading to an Atlantic rainforest reserve in the city of Timbaúba, Sergio, his girlfriend (at the time), and botanist Beatriz, a trainee called Shirley and me, the photographer. Our objective? Save the frogs, lizards, and snakes in the forest and gather material for a children's book about the conservation of the reptiles and amphibians from the region (I won't lie, the second one was far more achievable).
During one month our routine was waking up by 5:30 am, eat, gear up and walk about 6 or 7 KM uphill to check the pitfall traps and gather data about the populations of the animals in the area.

During the expedition, the project was canceled due to cuts in the federal budget for research and education.

We consider this an ongoing project, we have plans on finishing it as soon as possible.

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