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One of the most crucial aspects of this initiative is the scholarship program. All ten spots in the program are available through scholarships, which cover participation fees, support materials, transportation, and food for the students during the workshop. This support is critical in ensuring that the students can fully participate in the program without facing any financial barriers.

The scholarship program is designed to identify and support talented and motivated students who would benefit from the program but may not have the financial means to participate. We work with local community organizations, schools, and youth groups to reach out to potential candidates and encourage them to apply for the scholarships. We also prioritize students who come from historically marginalized groups, including low-income, black, brown, and LGBTQI+ communities.



To apply for the scholarship program, students must submit an application that includes a personal statement explaining their interest in the workshop and how they plan to use the skills they learn to make a positive impact in their community.

We also ask for a letter of recommendation from a teacher, mentor, or community leader who can speak to the student's character, potential, and commitment to social change. Once we receive the applications, a selection committee made up of local educators, journalists, and community leaders review and score them based on a set of predetermined criteria. 

The committee then selects the most promising candidates for the scholarships, taking into account the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences represented in the group.


As a sponsor, you will be mentioned in the opening of each report, being divided according to the authors who were sponsored. The logos and names will also appear in an acknowledgment in the magazine's introduction and on a specific page on the website. You will also be mentioned in posts on social media.

Your investment of just $85 USD per scholarship can help make this program possible and provide an opportunity for deserving students to learn storytelling skills that can transform their lives and communities. If more sponsors than scholarships are available, new spots will be opened to accommodate more students. We hope you will consider supporting this valuable program and making a difference in the lives of these young people.

We believe that telling stories is a powerful way to connect, inspire and transform individuals and communities. By supporting the Joao Velozo storytelling workshop, you can help empower the next generation of storytellers and make a difference in the world. Let's tell stories and change lives together.


The Joao Velozo storytelling workshop team




We invite you to join us in supporting a transformative program that empowers young professionals and students in northeastern Brazil with storytelling tools and techniques. The Joao Velozo storytelling workshop is a unique and valuable initiative that can make a significant impact on the lives of these students.

The program is a 32-hour course, spread over two weeks, with 16 hours per week, divided into two eight-hour meetings. It offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the basics of storytelling, investigative reporting, and editing skills. Through this program, the students will learn how to craft compelling stories that can inspire change and influence their communities positively.

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